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AL-P Series

Effortless Cooking

AL-P Series

Effortless Cooking

Innovating the experience of non-stick

We’ve revolutionized the future of cooking with the longest lasting non-stick cookware available. The unique laser-etching technology allows you to use metal utensils without scratching or damaging the surface, and gives longevity and durability to the pan.

From eggs in the morning, to searing a steak at the end of the day, the AL-P Series will become your go-to tool for any meal.


Gone are the days of melting rubber spatulas on hot pans. Our unique design of raised stainless steel allows you to use metal utensils on the pans surface without damaging the nonstick coating underneath.


We’ve removed all of the harsh, harmful chemicals in our nonstick coating to provide you with the best possible cookware without compromising your health.

a few more reasons to love it.

a few more
reasons to love it.


Incredibly easy to clean

Enjoy the performance of cooking with stainless steel along with all the easy-to-clean benefits of a nonstick pan. Wipes out with ease and is dishwasher safe!


Welded cool-to-touch handle

Nothing's worse than a wobbly handle. Our rivet-free design provides a sturdy handle that won't leave you hanging down the road. Stays cool to touch over a hot burner – and is moulded perfectly for the comfort of your hand.


Induction friendly

From gas to glass, ceramic to induction, our pan is ready for any stovetop. Plus, a layer of impact bonded aluminum keeps heat distribution even throughout the pan. No more hotspots, even over a flame.


Oven safe up to 500ºF

We guarantee our nonstick to be safe up to 500ºF. Cook a pizza, or bake an oddly shaped cake! This pan is the most versatile cookware in your kitchen.


Debra Flek
Honeycomb frying pan
Loved the concept. My family uses frying pans many times a day. Most frying pans are no longer nonstick by the 4th month. So far it has only been a month but still looks brand new.
Amber J
Works Great
The heat conduction is so much better than my other pans that I promptly burned the first two things I tried to cook, lol. Now that I’m past the learning curve, I love this pan.
Gundars Zvaigzne
Happy Customer
Pan works really great for all kinds of cooking – pancakes, eggs, mushrooms, etc! Especially enjoyed charming saleslady 🙂 Very professional and knowledgeable!
So far so good
I bought these pans to replace Henkle induction pans we had purchased less than a year ago that were no longer no stick. So far the performance is as advertised, and every time I clean them they look like the day I bought them.
Non-stick is back!
I ordered this unit on the 23rd, Friday night around 8PM MT, and it was delivered on Thursday, the 29th. That is impressive considering they promise delivery 5 to 8 business days and,…they are in Calgary AB; that’s Canada, and I’m in Denver!!! When I want authentic stuff, I go directly to the manufacturer/supplier,…not Amazon. Being a PrimeMember is a big positive, but sometimes,…sometimes I like dealing with the main source. This is non-stick, its safe and its stainless steel.
Hutch Wok
Bought this wok in March this year and use it a lot. Since then have bought a couple more as gifts. The lid is neat with the handle rest to place aside. It is a good size, the honeycomb, non stick interior is perfect for stir fries and suitable for Indian cooking..

cook with the best.

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