AL-P Sauce Pan

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The next generation of non-stick cookware is now in your hands.

Hutch offers a new cooking experience that surpasses traditional non-stick engineering. Featuring our unique AL-P design (Advance Layered Performance)--a hybrid blend of durable stainless steel and a superior engineered non-stick compound.

Our AL-P Series Sauce Pan infuses all the benefits of non-stick technology with the durability and function of a stainless steel. Built with our exclusive Advanced Layered-Performance design, this sauce pan is perfect for making everything from sauces to soups to pastas. The long ergonomic handle is designed for a comfortable, secure grip even when the pan is completely full, and it stays cool enough to hold during cooking. The pans high sides and narrow top minimizes evaporation.

The AL-P Series is safer and tougher than your average non-stick--reduced risk of peeling or flaking, quick and easy clean-up. The high-performance finish can stand up to high heat and the ergonomic handles are smooth and cool to the touch.

  • PFOA-Free & PTFE-Free - safe for your family
  • Suitable For All Stove-tops: electric, gas, glass, ceramic and induction
  • Cool-to-touch ergonomic handle
  • Pot can move from stove top to oven-broil up to 260°C/500°F
  • Includes a vented glass lid
  • Two-Year Performance Warranty


Sauce Pan 18 cm (7 in) - Height 8.5 cm (3.3 in) - 997g

Read more about care and seasoning of your AL-P wok here.


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