1.0L Pour Over Coffee Brewer & Stainless Filter

12 0002 8180

Best way to make coffee? Get on board with the hottest coffee trend with Hutch's curved goose neck carafe and eco-friendly stainless steel filter. You won't to have to fuss with or spend extra on paper filters, making it good for you and the environment. Simply grind fresh beans and pour into the filter. Pour hot water from a kettle over the grounds gradually. The slower process preserves the rich and delicious flavour of your coffee while providing an aromatic and visual experience. The perfect way to enjoy a simple small batch of coffee in the moment, anywhere.


  • Perfect 3 cups of coffee
  • Stainless steel filter and carafe dishwasher safe
  • Just off boiled water is ideal, wait 30 seconds before pouring to brew
  • Make sure to clean your filter daily to remove grounds and bean oils

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