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5 Mind-Blowing Facts About Our Secret SuperFood

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Broken Down Nutritional Information So You Can Build It Into Your Lifestyle

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6 Incredibly Tasty Smoothie Recipes With a Custom Pairing Map

After conducting a series of personal surveys, we found that the majority of smoothie drinkers have a challenging time matching well-balanced foods to create new delicious kick-backs. So we took to putting together a few amazing pairings so you can start using this secret superfood right now!

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  • Nutritional Information
  • 5 Mind-Blowing Facts about this Superfood
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You might have noticed smoothie culture picking up lately. From your boss to your yoga instructor, a lot of people swear by their morning jar of smoothie.

Have you been in a situation where you receive an important call and have to rush inconveniently through your breakfast, or worse, skip it completely? Or if you're a fitness freak trying to get in your daily dose of protein, but find it extremely difficult forcing down eggs and chicken.

Smoothies are an excellent way to have a filling meal quickly without sacrificing health and nutrition. They’re incredibly easy. All you need to do is throw your favourites in a blender and voila, breakfast is ready! And they’re also time efficient. Rather than setting aside time to finish breakfast, you can chug your smoothie on the go. 


Ever wondered if there’s something missing in your smoothie? Something that could elevate its taste as well as up its nutrition significantly?

What if we told you it’s actually something pretty common. A food that’s loved by many. This wonder food has been around for ages, is loved by many and is now making a comeback thanks to its incredible health benefits right from curing common ailments like cold, sore throat and indigestion to even reducing the risk of graver ones like arthritis, inflammation and even cancer.

This superfood has been cultivated and grown for centuries, being used not just as a snack independently, but also as part of a variety of cuisines. Something that can be part of dishes both sweet and savoury. It’s juice is served not only as a standalone beverage, but part of multiple cocktails. It’s pulp can be used in making delicious jams, jellies, ice creams and more such desserts.

You can even throw it in your burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. A great addition to your fruit boards and goes well with cheese too. Sounds a bit weird how one food can be so versatile isn’t it? Well this fruit most definitely is!

Well, we’ll tell you. It’s none other than Pineapples!

The tropical fruit isn’t just absolutely delicious, it’s packed with an amazing amount of nutrition too.


Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C and Manganese.

They’re loaded with healthy antioxidants such as Flavonoids and Phenolic Acids, that help your body combat oxidative stress.

Pineapples contain a group of digestive enzymes known as Bromelain.

They function as proteases, which break down protein molecules into their building blocks, such as amino acids and small peptides .

Once protein molecules are broken down, they are more easily absorbed across the small intestine. Bromelain has high anti-inflammatory properties and can help alleviate a multitude of ailments.



1. Nutritionally superior
Did you know that Pineapples provide a staggering 131% of your daily recommended Vitamin C and 76% of your daily recommended Manganese? 

2. Improved skin and hair.
Pineapples are rich in Vitamin C. Thanks to this, consuming Pineapples can help in giving you glowing skin along with thicker and shinier hair. Also thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of Bromelain, it can help in reducing Acne as well.

3. Reduce Risk of Cancer
Pineapples are loaded with antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Thanks to this it has the ability to capture free radicals and reduce cell damage, hence helping reduce some types of cancer.

4. Boost Immunity against multiple diseases
Pineapples contain high amounts of phenolics and flavonoids, which are compounds in food that help fight inflammation and free radicals in the body. Free radicals are responsible for ailments such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and eye problems. Packing up on pineapples help combat these diseases.

5. Improve Digestion, relieve nausea and help gut health
Once again, the magic ingredients in pineapple are bromelain, dietary fiber, and vitamin C. All of these help in better digestion. Pineapples help soothing inflamed bowels and prevent diarrhea. Whether it is motion sickness or morning sickness in pregnant women, pineapples help in reducing those symptoms too. 


Bet you’re wondering how you’d add pineapples to your smoothie. You might even be concerned about whether they would go well with other ingredients. That’s exactly why we’ve put together a bunch of ingredients that would make perfect accompaniments for pineapples in your smoothies.

Isn't it surprising? Pineapple does go well with a lot of fruits and vegetables. 

But obviously, a good smoothie requires the perfect blend of the right ingredients. 

We've put together a simple infographic which outlines which of these ingredients collectively go best with pineapples, so that you can get the most nutritious and mouthwatering smoothie!


With the incredible health benefits of pineapple and it’s versatility in smoothies, we believe that it is a superfood that could help you in numerous ways apart from making your smoothies absolutely delicious!