1. What’s the non-stick compound made of? 

We use one of the highest-grade ceramic non-stick coatings called “Whitford “. It is a PTFE based non-stick compound that is non-reactive, safe and does not pose health risks. We ensure that our cookware is free of harmful materials like PFOA.

2. Where’s the pan manufactured? 

Our pans are designed in Germany and manufactured in our own facilities based in Hong Kong. The laser etching process which gives the AL-P Series its signature pattern is highly complex and could not be manufactured locally, however all our manufacturing processes are in adherence to the highest standards of quality. In fact, we offer a 10-year manufacturer warranty on all of our AL-P cookware.

3. Can I use it in the oven?

The AL-P series is oven safe up to 500°F

4. Is it easy to clean and dishwasher safe?

Yes, our cookware is dishwasher friendly. However, we recommend seasoning your pan after putting it in the dishwasher to ensure maximum performance. Generally, the AL-P can easily be cleaned using just hot soapy water and a soft sponge. 

5. I just cooked on the AL-P for the first time and the food seems to be sticking. How do I fix this?

AL-P cookware should be seasoned before first time use and from time to time. To season your pans properly, spread around 1-2 tbsp of oil evenly across the surface of the pan preheated to 120° C / 250° F. Leave it on heat for about 1 to 2 minutes. Wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel and your pan is ready to use. In fact, the pans will perform better overtime as it continues to season on its own from the fats in the food you are cooking. Here’s a quick video on how to season your AL-P cookware.

6. Which oil works best for seasoning the pan? 

Different oils have varying smoke points. For low temperature cooking methods like sautéing, choose oils with lower smoke points such as butter and olive oil. However, for high temperature cooking methods like frying, choose oils with a high smoke point, like vegetable oil.

Avoid using any aerosol non-stick cooking sprays such as PAM. Such sprays cause an invisible buildup on the pan which will impair its non-stick surface. However, it’s completely safe to use organic oil sprays such as olive oil or avocado oil sprays.

7. Tips for cooking Eggs 

Eggs are easy to cook on the AL-P if your pan is seasoned correctly. Add a touch of either olive oil, butter or margarine to your pre-seasoned pan, set the heat to low-medium, and pour in your eggs. After a few minutes, the eggs should slide off effortlessly. For more, refer to our video on how to cook a perfect egg.

8. There seems to be some stains and discoloration on my pan. How do I remove the stains and return the pan to its original state? 

a) Stains / Burnt - It is completely normal to have stains or burnt residue on the pan from time to time. You can freely use scouring pads or stainless-steel sponges on the stainless-steel surfaces of the pan. 

b) Discoloration – Vinegar is an effective organic solution for removing discoloration for stainless steel pans. Simply soak the cookware in water with a cup of vinegar, leave it overnight and the stain should lift off easily. 
oven up to 500°F

9. What kind of utensils can I use on this pan?

You can use utensils of any material, in-fact we encourage using metal utensils on your AL-P cookware.