AL-P Honeycomb Frying Pan (28cm)

10 0032 8180

  • PFOA-Free & PTFE-Free - safe for your family
  • Suitable For All Stove-tops: electric, gas, glass, ceramic and induction
  • Cool-to-touch ergonomic handle
  • Ten-Year Performance Warranty


The next generation of non stick cookware is now in your hands. Hutch offers a new cooking experience that surpasses that of a traditional non stick frying pan. Our unique AL-P design (Advanced Layered Performance)-made of PFOA and PTFE free stainless steel gives you the best and safest cookware. Our pans provide a premium solution for searing, browning, sautéing and sealing in flavours of meats, seafood and vegetables without sticking, gripping or tearing. The beautiful geometric 'honeycomb' pattern heats food evenly, allowing ingredients to easily move from pan to plate. The AL-P Series is safer and tougher than your average non-stick pan and skillet, providing a reduced risk of peeling or flaking. It is also quick and easy to clean. The high-performance finish can stand up to high heat and the ergonomic handles are smooth and cool to the touch.


Read more about care and seasoning of your AL-P pans here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Looks more expensive than it is

This is a pan that should be $500 easily at the bigger brand name stores. It out performs some of them even! The really intricate design that I could stare at for hours, has forced me to put the pan out in full view of the kitchen. I cook everything from my eggs in a basket to sticky-rice and it works great. It's really useful that you can put it in the oven too not like your regular pans.

Superb and elegant

Really amazing pan, once I seasoned it, the food slide with ease. I love how heavy it is, really tells you that it's not your $20 Walmart pan. I spent a little more than that on this pan, but I can safely say it was worth it. Now if it last for the next 10 years, I'll be the happiest cook around.

Makes cooking and cleaning a breeze

I've been using this for a couple of months now, a very well rounded product. I can make pretty much everything for breakfast in the same pan, use very little oil, and I don't have to worry about using metal tongs, or spatulas on it. Great idea with the stainless steel and non-stick combination.


Heats evenly & the non-stick performance is perfect. Pan is balanced with a cool comfortable handle. Now just hoping this pan will last a nice long time. Barely have to use oil, just a little bit at the beginning but it goes a long way. Has a nice weight to it so you can tell its sturdy.

Lovely Pan

Excellent quality and works great with an induction stove. Needs a little seasoning - but sears wonderfully. Also you can use metal spatulas. Finally!

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